Different Data Types And File Formats

The data types are used mostly in every programming language. A data type is defined as the type of information which can be processed using your program of computer. It can be numerical, decimal, and alphanumeric etc. For an instance add ten and twenty which can be written as 10+20. Look at another instance add the two decimal numbers 10.50 and 20.50 which can be written as 10.50 + 20.50. Let’s look another example which was written by a student in his notebook like:

Name: XXX
Class: XXX
Section: A
Age: 14

Here the first instance is about the addition of two whole numbers and second instance is about addition of two decimal numbers. The third instance is the mix of everything. The name of the student is Ali Zara which is the character sequence which is also known as string. The 6th class is represented as the mix of whole number and two-character string like it is a mix of alphanumeric number. The section of the student is represented by A and age is shown by 14. In the daily life of ours, we deal with various kinds of data like whole numbers, strings, decimal numbers, and whole numbers etc. When you are going to write the program of a computer for process various type of information, you are required to specify the data type with clarity. If not, the system will no understand how various functioned can be done in the particular data types. Various languages of programming utilize various keywords to mention various types of data.

Data types of C and Java

Java and C supports almost similar data types even though have supports extra data types. Let’s discuss Some common data types supported by both the programming languages.

  • Number is int keyword which ranges from -32,768 to 32,767 or -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647
  • Character is the char keyword which ranges from -128 to 127 or 0 to 255
  • Small number is the short which ranges from -32,768 to 32,767
  • Long number is the long which ranges from -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647
  • Decimal number is the float which ranges from 1.2E-38 to 3.4E+38 till 6 decimal places

These are known as primitive data types for building more complicated data types which is known as user defined data type.

Data types of python

python data types

Python consists of five standard data types but this language of programming does not utilize any keyword for specifying a particular data type. It is the intelligent data type to understand a specific data type in an automatic way. The data types it has are strings, numbers, list, dictionary, and tuple.

The number mentions every number type incorporating decimal numbers. The sting shows the character sequence with the length of one or more characters. The remaining are the advanced data types.

Various types of file formats

When you feel like people are talking in secretive language that you don’t understand, you will think yourself what is all this. That secretive language is various kinds of file formats of computer. Every type of file can support one or more content forms such as video, text, and images. When you decide which one to utilize. It is crucial to note each advantages and drawbacks.

PNG: It is the file format which is of high quality utilized for images. This type of file is dependable on the compression which is lossless which means that it supports images of high quality. It is used for online utilization while acquiring the images colors and sharpness that are original. PNG’s support the images with backgrounds that are transparent.

If you wish to have an image without having any background such as a product or logo, you can save it as file of PNG and utilize different backgrounds. But this file is not lightweight with the JPEG file format. It is going to take up a large storage and enhance your site loading time. It offers file of high quality and supports backgrounds which are transparent. Its main drawback is having heavyweight file. It is better to use it for websites, logos, social networks, and website photos etc.

JPEG: It is in full form called as joint photographic experts’ group. It is the digital cameras and images living natural format present on world wide web. This type of file format is dependable on lossy compression means that is keeps visible data to the viewer and eliminates the information that can’t be perceived by human eye. The JPEG file stems prominent is lightweight while offering digital utilization. Because of its size, it loads sooner yet can be uploaded to any type of platform regardless of limitations of size. This file format can also be seen on any kind of device without the special image download requirement. But it is crucial to become aware that all the time, you can save the file as in the JPEG format. Hence compressing it over and over, it leads to the image for losing quality and turn into something grainy.

It consists of file which is lightweight which can be shown on any type of program. The drawback is losing quality when you save it multiple time. It is utilized for social networks, photo portfolios, and web design images.

GIF: GIF in the full form called as graphic interchange format. It is the prominent highlights which is taking internet through storm by its animation. The file of GIF is bitmap images form means the graphic is composed of small parts known as pixel such as PNG file formats and JPEG. This type of file is dependable on a form of special thing known as lossless data compression shapes, logos and diagrams. This type of file supports a background which is transparent and has basic animation. The drawback is that is shows colors of gradient in a poor way. There are many websites that serve as GIF libraries. These are commonly used for social channels like Twitter and Facebook.

There are also other types of file formats like SVG, MP4, and MP3 etc. So, these are some of the best file formats used by the people.